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durable wooden terraces 

We offer high-quality real wood, no composite, no plastics. Kebony wood is organic. The technology only refines the wood by permanently strengthening the cell structure of the wood. The wood is clean and distinctive. Planed wood is smooth and silky, while unplaned wood is rustic. The products are dark brown in color, which turns into a silver-gray patina over time. The rate of graying depends, among other things, on exposure. Intensive exposure to sunlight and rainfall accelerate the graying process. This change in appearance does not affect the resistance to the properties of the product.
Developed in Norway, Kebony technology is a patented, environmentally friendly process that improves the properties of conifers with a bio-based fluid. As a result, the wood cell structure is permanently modified and has a premium product class. The chemicals are polymerized into a stable solid inside the wood grain, resulting in a stable, hard and durable material. The boards can be cut with either manual or mechanical tools. Kebony wood can be sanded, brushed, planed and profiled without compromising its durability. 

Kebony wood does not require any maintenance, apart from the current cleaning of the surface, which is important for the users of the terraces. All Kebony products are highly resistant to decay, fungi, insects and other wood-destroying microorganisms. This is why you are able to offer a rot guarantee for a period of 30 years. The material is not toxic to the environment. That is why it is used in many kindergartens where children have direct contact with wood. The wood does not crack, does not contain toxins or chemicals, and it does not heat up too much in summer.

Durable wooden terraces Kebony

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