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pressure-impregnated Kebony wood 

Kebons are the beauty of wood recommended by leading architects. It is durable and requires no maintenance other than regular cleaning.  Developed in Norway, Kebony technology is a patented, environmentally friendly process that improves the properties of conifers with a bio-based fluid.
As a result, the wood cell structure is permanently modified and has a premium product class.
IMPREGNATED WOOD with furfuryl-polymer in Kebony technology:
  • the natural beauty of wood with a reinforced cell structure,
  • refined beauty covered with a patina after exposure to the sun and rain,
  • maximum durability due to the level of hardness similar to the heaviest tree species,
  • excellent stability, expansion and contraction reduced by 40-60%,
  • guaranteed durability, warranty when used outdoors 30 years,
  • low maintenance costs, ongoing cleaning, no painting or impregnation required,
  • high resistance against fungi, rot and other wood-destroying microorganisms,
  • safe and toxin-free,
  • ecotechnology, liquid biofuels used in the Kebony technology,
  • sustainable development, raw materials come only from sustainably managed forests, where all suppliers are certified as legally sourced.

Natural wood Kebony

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