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sheep's wool natural thermal insulation 

For insulation material, we suggest the natural sheep wool which clears the air, absorbs the sound, absorbs the moisture, is inflammable and neutralizes any harmful chemical compounds.

It is very hygroscopic – it absorbs the moisture and gives it back with moisture change with no loss of insulation properties. Due to the harmful effect on man, many countries do not allow to use any inside materials based on polyurethane. Sheep wool is ideal to seal the hole woodwork for installation foam PU.

- natural insulation made of 100% sheep's yarn:
- sheep wool in rolls,
- wool mats,
- a rope made of sheep's wool
for sealing doors and window joinery,
- acoustic felt,
- acoustic panels.

We offer natural and ecological insulation made of sheep wool. It is a product that protects against heat, cold, moisture and dryness. A peculiarity of sheep wool is the ability to self-tighten fibers that accumulate air inside, which protects us from heat in summer and from heat loss in winter. Sheep wool is a hygroscopic material and has the ability to absorb moisture from the environment and then release it according to changing conditions without affecting its thermal properties. During the absorption of moisture, thermal energy is generated, which prevents steam condensation in the construction partitions and maintaining the temperature above the dew point in humid conditions. This creates a natural buffer that stabilizes the temperature changes occurring in the relative humidity and prevents freezing or overheating, and additionally reduces the need to control the heating or cooling process. 

 Wool is flexible and maintains a constant thickness. It is resistant to pests and non-flammable through the process of ionization or flame retardant impregnation. Sheep's wool cleans the air and also protects against harmful radiation of building materials and neutralizes them. In addition, sheep wool neutralizes harmful chemical compounds and protects against electromagnetic wave radiation or the action of the so-called water veins. An additional advantage of sheep wool are excellent acoustic parameters, which protect against external and impact sounds. In the production of sheep wool, only 5% of the energy needed to produce other types of insulation is used. It is durable, safe, biodegradable, and you do not need any special equipment to install it.
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