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certified construction timber

We are a manufacturer of fire-proof wood but also a distributor of solid and glued attested construction wood and profiled wood. Chemical composition and structure of wood affects the physical properties of a given type of wood and is connected with the specific gravity. In dry air state (12% moisture), there are groups of wood: very heavy (hornbeam, yew, ebony, exotic types), heavy (oak, ash, walnut), moderately heavy (juniper, chestnut, mahogany), light - pine , spruce, fir, lime, cedar), very light (poplar, balsa)

Available the sections and strength classes of wood:

katalog drewna konstrukcyjnego i profilowanego.pdf


We offer delivery of construction wood BSH, KVH and solid wood in visual and industrial class of high strength characteristics, profiled wood: elevation boards, floor boards, terrace boards, four-side planed boards, wooden patches made of spruce or larch. The products offered are construction products with CE marking. 

Wood can be additionally protected against fire and biologically against such destructive factors as moisture, insects, fungi or molds.
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