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energy-efficient and passive houses 

We are a building and construction company, which for many years has been involved in the construction of energy efficient and human-friendly facilities. We operate according to the standards of sustainable architecture where the designer creates spatial and effective forms based on secure and sustainable design solutions.

By working on the rational use of raw materials, saving energy or water consumption, we confine the negative impact on the environment and at the same time provide high quality and comfort. We have reference project facilities in Poland, Norway, Scotland, Germany, France and Portugal. We carry out the work entrusted to us in a diligent and timely manner and approach each order individually from design to final inspection. We care about both the stability of the prefabricated construction and aesthetic finishing.

Standard ZEBE:

By working on a rational use of raw materials and components, energy saving or water consumption, we reduce the negative impact on the environment and provide high quality and comfort of use.

Based on the assumptions of improving thermal resistance with achieving a positive energy balance we promote the idea of zero-emission construction. Our standards assume delivery of partial systems or structures that are safe to health and environment, have low maintenance costs with moderate initial capital expenditure.

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