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structural reinforcement systems FRP and FRCM-SRG 

We have a technology of structural reinforcements based on carbon, glass, basalt and aramid composite materials such as fiber, mesh, mats, lamella rods, profiles, anchoring systems, steel mesh of carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, organic resins: epoxy, vinyl, polyester , polyurethane and inorganic cement, lime or pozzolana-silica mortars:

Fiber Reinforced Polymer – polymer-reinforced fibers refers to the complex materials with high resistance of continuous fiber fabrics immersed in polymer matrix – organic resins.

Fiber Reinforced Cementous Matrix – fibers reinforced with cement mortar; Steel Reinforced Grouts – grouts reinforced with steel) used with inorganic matrices (such as cement lime) for structural reinforcement of buildings.

structural reinforcement systems FRP and FRCM-SRG

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