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nano-paints thermal insulation 

Microspheres are a well-known non-conductive material. NASA uses microspheres that have over 90% empty space. This empty space is completely filled with a vacuum. It is known from the laws of thermodynamics that nothing can move in a vacuum.

The G&P SunZenit Green Power technology was developed using ceramic microspheres (20-120 microns).
This protection against both heat and cold can now be applied using a practical and long-lasting system to almost any substrate or surface (metal, plaster, concrete, bituminous membranes, etc.). and inner coating; both in new buildings and during renovation works. G&P SunZenit is a complex combination of elastomers, sealants, weather-resistant materials, light-reflecting materials, anti-mold and anti-fungal agents, sealing resins, anti-shrink materials and other materials not yet available.

thermal insulation

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