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fire protection of wood 

Wood has a quite high mechanical strength so it can be used to build structures. It is a good insulator, sound-absorbing material, quite easy in processing and joining technique and still is aesthetic in appearance.

Wood not modified by fire protection is unsafe in terms of fire.

The comprehensive system 
of biological and fire protection
for wood NT Deco

The most practical and durable method of providing fire protection is to have the wood hardly flammable by pressure impregnation of construction wood, profiled wood (elevation, floors, terraces) for new structures or wooden shingle in monumental structures of wooden architecture. We offer complete fire protection system  that meets the flammability class B-s2, d0, water soluble, boron-free product for impregnating wood according to DIN EN 13501-1 for internal and external protections, which at the same time fully protects the biological coating of wood also against UV radiation, does not flake, does not crack, isolates tannins contained in wood; both in the glazing and covering system.
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