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fiberglass and basalt composite rods & mesh 

We introduce composite materials to the European market for concrete reinforcement such as glass fiber & basalt fiber composite rods or meshes, which are stronger, lighter, more economical, resistant to corrosion or decay and do not lose their properties at low temperatures, have a high thermal conductivity, are long-lasting, ecological and convenient for logistics.

The rods are made of fiber glass and epoxy resin and are used to reinforce concrete. Reinforcement has a two times higher tear resistance than steel and is five times lighter than steel. 

Non-metallic reinforcement is completely resistant to corrosion and makes no damage to the concrete so the lagging around the rod can be made smaller sometimes even by 30% which may contribute to even greater economy of design. It also virtually undergoes no mechanical changes in aggressive environment under the effect of acids, alkalis and salts. It loses no properties at very low temperatures, virtually conducts no heat, passes neutral radio waves or passive magnetic waves. Long-lasting and ecological non-metallic reinforcement increases the service life of structures even three times as compared to the steel one.

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