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prefabricated timber structures 

For several years we have dealt with construction of light, prefabricated wooden frameworks which are friendly to man and environment and depending on the insulation material used, meet the standards of energy-saving or zero-emission buildings. We use only attested solid wood, KVH, BSH and other building materials which with good ventilation and impregnation are a solid, safe and durable structure. 

We offer design, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of high quality prefabricated framework – walls, ceilings or roof trusses. This solution reduces the time for construction and significantly lowers the installation costs making the work independent of weather. Prefabricated structures are made of attested, four-side planed, chamber-dried spruce wood of low growth. Walls and roof are stiffened by MFP/Fermacell and connected with steel bands. Joists covered with MFP/Fermacell milled plate are installed on a sheep wool foundation which reduces vibration and removes thermal bridges. External walls can be additionally covered by heat-insulating paint with microspheres can be used to increase thermal resistance (reduce heat losses) and perform the compression test of the building.
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